In Defense of McDonald's

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In Defense of McDonald's

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We all know that fast food is probably not high among the best choices when it comes to calorie content or overall nutrition, but it is the parental choices that are the issue… not the restaurant’s. McDonald’s has evolved over the years, and there are some very healthy meal choices now for breakfast, lunch or dinners on the run. Parents just have to take a stand on what they allow their children to eat. Busy parents dragging their kids off to soccer practice, dance lessons and other after-school activities need McDonald’s; perhaps not every day, but without these options, parents would not survive.

There was a highly-publicized court case a few years ago when some humongously-obese person was suing McDonald’s for making Big Macs taste so good that they can’t stop eating them. Then there was the person that sued a fast-food restaurant for making coffee too hot. Damn, people, take some responsibility for yourself! States are now trying to tax sodas and other junk food because they are sugary. Fast food doesn’t make people fat. People make people fat by their improper choices.

My first taste of a McDonald’s meal was in the 1960’s. What a treat. You could get a hamburger, fries and a milkshake for under a buck. In high school, I could get four Big Macs, two large fries and a couple of Cokes for under a buck, assuming that one of our friends worked the drive-up window. Good ‘ol Dog Lehman, thank you.

Anti-McDonald’s issues were apart of urban legends. I used to hear stories that someone found a dead mouse in the bottom of a milkshake (probably never happened), but I was warned by Dog Lehman not to get tartar sauce on a fish sandwich. Apparently, one of his co-workers had a bad skin condition and used his bare hands to stir the sauce (probably happened). Of course, health inspections in the 1960’s were not the same. Although McDonald’s hires young people, they have an impressive history of having meticulous sanitation procedures and very clean restaurants.

Recently, McDonald’s was attacked for the Happy Meal toys. What? Kids love those little toys. I work in pediatrics (by choice) and we spend about $8,000 a year just on stickers and sugar-free lollipops. The highlight of any child’s visit to our office, including those visits where we give them multiple vaccinations, is to be able to choose a sticker and a lollipop. We do not provide these little treats to lure children to our office; we are just providing a kid-friendly environment. This is McDonald’s goal as well.

McDonald’s has a safe and clean playground that encourages imagination and calorie expenditure. Unlike outside playgrounds in the 100-degree summer heat, or rain, children have a place to play (after they eat). This gives parents a chance to take a breath, casually eat their meal and allow their kids to blow off some pent-up steam.

It seems that a few members of the disgruntled public will always take potshots at the big chains. McDonald’s has nothing to be ashamed of — they offer a good product for a reasonable price (a bit more than the buck I used to pay). They have an impressive record of philanthropic endeavors. If anyone has a child with cancer or other serious medical problems, they need to visit a Ronald McDonald House. There are literally thousands of them scattered across the country, located near or on the grounds of large hospitals.
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