Our Hearts Are Under Attack!

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Our Hearts Are Under Attack!

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Our Hearts Are Under Attack!

Did you realise when our hearts started coming in the line of fire? Our hearts are under attack and we are barely even aware of it. Common things such as a traffic jam or a smoky night club can be downright dangerous for people who have heart-related health problems.
Traffic Damages Your Heart
For example, most of us do not know that heart patients should not expose themselves to pollution. A team from Harvard University has said that air pollution caused by vehicular traffic could be responsible for the lack of oxygen and blood to weak hearts. The ECG (electrocardiograms) of almost 50 heart patients were studied for a whole year before it was determined that "heavy traffic exposure" was deteriorating their heart condition. The sad news is that pollution exists everywhere and it is difficult to escape it, especially in metropolitan cities. The senior author of this research was Diane Gold, who said: "Effects were greatest within the first month after hospitalization, and for patients who were hospitalized for a heart attack or had diabetes."

Smoke and Alcohol Are No Better!
Pollution is not the only cardiovascular villain, as second-hand smoke and alcohol also place an unbearable strain on our hearts. In fact, they increase the risk of heart problems by as much as fivefold. A team at the UAB (University of Alabama in Birmingham) has conducted a study in which they found that a combination of smoke and alcohol accelerated arterial lesions in mice by almost five times.
In a report published by them, it was written: "Our study shows that exposure to cigarette smoke when combined with alcohol consumption caused the greatest degree of cardiovascular disease development compared to either action or exposure alone."
Obesity is the Next Most Dangerous Killer
Plump children may look cute, but they seem to have frailer hearts. A study by the Washington University School of Medicine discovered that fat children are at a significantly higher risk of developing heart problems. In addition to that, they might also be more susceptible to high blood pressure and diabetes. Parents of such kids should watch out for these types of health problems, as the blood volume of fat children is more than other kids. Higher blood volume places increased stress on the heart and as a result, it begins to weaken.
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