Best 10 concealers on the market!

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Best 10 concealers on the market!

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Best 10 concealers on the market!

Dark circles, scars and acne haunt us and happen to pop up on the days when you least expect them (like your wedding day or the day you run into your ex on the street in your PJ’s). Well it’s time to pick the best concealer. A good concealer will hide any skin flaw without leaving a trace.

1. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. This formula will cover the dark circles without falling into your creases. This basic product should be part of your daily makeup routine.

2. M.A.C Studio Sculpt concealer. A little amount of product will be sufficient enough to spread evenly over your eyelids. You can mix equal parts of concealer with moisturizer to get the shade you want.

3. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. A perfect product to cover redness. Inflamed acne or scars can tend to be a bit red. This camouflage concealer comes in 2 shades to blend together and apply according to the extent of redness. Its yellow undertones make it easy to cover up both redness and broken veins.

4. YSL Touch Eclat. Now this concealer is pricey but one YSL concealer is sold every 20 seconds around the world. This pen is meant to be more of an illuminator rather than a concealer so don’t use it as cover up.

5. Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage. Get the yellow/peachy one to efficiently cover up any dark spots.

6. Dermablend Smooth Concealer. This product comes in a tube to be applied with a brush. After applying, put on some loose powder to set into the fine lines around the eyes. Its texture is un-suitable for under eyes (thick and pasty) so leave it for the pimples.

7. L’Oreal Paris True Match. This product is in-expensive compared to all the previous ones mentioned. It’s super blendable, light, creamy and adapts to your skin color as well as covers up perfectly. Just don’t wear it on those hot summer days, it will definitely run and streak.

8. Laura Mercier Secret Brightener. This wand is multifunctional which serves as a concealer for scars and an illuminator to highlight the brow bone/cheek bone.

9. Guerlain Perfect Light Illuminator. It contains shimmer to highlight and make your skin look 10 times better than it actually is. It is available in golden bronze shade (the terracotta line) for tanned, sunkissed skin.

10. Dermablend Cover Crème. This line of corrective cosmetics provides natural-looking cover up for the body. It’s fantastic for scars, cuts, veins and sores. Remember that the area below your neck is a shade or 2 darker than the rest of your skin.

To efficiently cover up dark circles, always use a dark concealer followed by a light shade of loose powder.
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