Why Should I Love My Body

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Why Should I Love My Body

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Why Should I Love My Body

By: May Rostom

For quiet sometime now, I’ve been reading and writing articles on how to improve your body, tone your legs and get in shape for the summer, but so far I haven’t read any about how I can learn to love my body just the way it is. Some people might perceive this as a way to surrender to the fact that you don’t have the figure you’ve always hoped for , but in my opinion I think that to get what I want, I must accept what I have. I've admired the bodies of lots of girls around me, some of which that happen to be heavier than I am but to me they appear slimmer somehow.

When I was a size 10, I hoped for an 8 and got what I hoped for. When I was an 8, I went after a 6 and also got what I hoped for. Now I'm a 4 (or at least I say I am) and hoping to lose a couple extra pounds to reach my ideal goal. The problem is weight loss goals are like Facebook, once you’ve finally figured it out, it changes.

Every time I look in the mirror I find something about me that I’d like to change. Sick? Yes, I think so too but this is only a result of not learning how to love what I have but instead learning how to get what I want. I know some of you reading this might think I'm anorexic but trust me; no drastic measures were taken to reach my current dress size as I hate exercise and I love food but I’ve come to realize that it’s all about the portions. Eat what you want but in moderation, this way you won’t get that “deprived” feeling or the feeling of “I’m entitled to a chocolate bar; I haven’t eaten anything all day”.

Over the years, I realized that I'm my own worst critic after seeing my best friend in a bikini looking hot and when I asked her how much she weighed, she turned out to be 2 kilos heavier than I am. We notice the tiniest imperfections in our bodies and hate them for no good reason while no one else seems to be bothered by them. Some things can’t be changed like the shape of your knee or your flat chest, simply because they’re in your genes so don’t hate yourself for them (hate your mum and dad).

Curves exist, they’re more fun to play with and they contour your body. Look at Beyonce’, J LO, Kim Kardashian and lots more, these are Hollywood superstars if they’ve got curves then so should you (give or take a couple extra kilos). Our bodies were meant to be soft and curvy to nurture little babies not hang clothes on. I personally think that it’s fabulous that we come in different sizes and shapes not just one size fits all so maybe not everyone was meant to be a size 6. If you’re doing this for a man then you’re with the wrong man simply because Mr. Right will overlook your imperfections or at least trade them with your best qualities (as cliché as this may sound , it’s actually true).

I love myself just the way I am right now (I'm currently thinking of getting me some ice-cream). To leave you on a good note, the sexiest woman in film history that is still idolized by men and women equally, Marilyn Monroe was a size 8 so start looking at yourself differently, change what you can (but in a healthy manner and for the right reasons) and be a fair judge.
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