4 Steps to Getting the Best StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide

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4 Steps to Getting the Best StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide

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4 Steps to Getting the Best StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide

A StarCraft 2 strategy guide is a smart decision if you're new to the game or are looking for the best strategies written by the most seasoned and world class gamers.

Identify What Matters to You - Not every StarCraft 2 strategy guide is the same as the next. Some of these sites offer straight up guides whereas others in addition to just a guide will have videos with real footage of showing strategies in effect. Some of these are not limited to just a StarCraft 2 strategy guide but have inside members sections on their sites which are regularly updated to showcase the latest strategies.

Identify Your Skill Level - Different StarCraft 2 strategy guides are generally designed for gamers of different experience levels in mind. Some will focus on basics like how to play the game whereas other guides offer information on tournament level strategies for top level gamers who are able to execute on the quick but effective strategies which the pros use in tournament settings around the world, so identifying your skill level and matching it to the guide's a good idea.

Look for a Money Back Guarantee - Another mark of the best StarCraft 2 strategy guide is to make sure it has a money back guarantee on it. A money back guarantee is a good warranty to have on the guide in case you decide you don't want or like it but more importantly it separates the scammy and ineffective StarCraft 2 strategy guides from the rest. Plus there's really no reason it shouldn't have this guarantee on it just like if you bought it from a store, so make sure it's there.

Updates - If it's an online based StarCraft 2 strategy guide, make sure that the publishers make mention that they'll be constantly updating it and more than that make sure that you get these updates free for life when you buy the initial guide. The game is still young and as more and more gamers jump on board the game play experience is sure to change dramatically again and again, so new tips and strategies are being devised every day and the authors should both be taking note of and including them as well as giving you access to these updates for life at no extra charge.
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