Download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

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Download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

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We’ve been waiting a long time, and it’s finally here! Microsoft has unveiled Internet Explorer 9.
Now, before you all stop reading to go and hit the Download button, be aware: this is not a standard web browser. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview is just a very early version which allows developers and web designers to test their apps and websites within the new browser’s environment.
That said, the new Internet Explorer 9 looks very promising. It features a much faster JavaScript engine (using multiple cores simultaneously), works with HTML5 for a lighter and richer web experience and makes a giant leap in standards compliance with support for CSS3. The Acid3 test results, however, fell a bit short of expectations at 55/100, though they’re still better than Internet Explorer 8.
Technical details aside, Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview is more of a playground to test new features rather than a real IE9 demo. After installing it, you’re taken to a test drive webpage where you can try out the new capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 with demos, animations, online maps, games and other testing material especially prepared by Microsoft. Some of them are really fun, like the T-Shirt Designer or the SVG-oids (Asteroids clone).
In short, Internet Explorer 9 is still at a very early stage of development. However, it’s nice to be able to have a peek at the new features and follow all the changes and updates. According to Microsoft, there’s going to be a new preview every two months, so keep tuned!
Though not exactly a standard web browser, Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview enables you to check out the new features and capabilities in Internet Explorer 9.
Download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview
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