Benefits of Certifications

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Benefits of Certifications

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Brief interviews with several certified individuals provide insight into the positive impact of certification on their careers. Erik Johnson, PMP & CISSP certified and an IT Project Manager & Systems Engineer with ICSE, Inc., explained “certifications are more credible and easily verifiable than simple statements about abilities and accomplishments on a resume.” Robert Roudebush, an IT professional with MCSE, MCNE, Project+, and CISSP certifications, noted the following when describing his certification experience and job opportunities, “Just to get considered any more you either have to have your certification already or promise to get it in the first year of employment.” Alan Zou holds certifications from Oracle and Microsoft and provided his thoughts on benefits of certification noting “my perception is that salaries are 10% higher for certified individuals" and "with certification I am able to get exposed to more new projects". Cheryl F. Jones, a PMP certified project management consultant, had this to say “I think IT certifications are a differentiator in a competitive job market, not only for the job-seeker but also for perspective employers.” Cheryl continued, “I think certifications give a sense of confidence in hiring for technical expertise that an employer may not have the experience or knowledge to evaluate.” Stephen Ibaraki is an award winning college educator, writer, speaker, and IT professional with more than 30 years experience working with technology. Stephen provided his thoughts on the benefits of certification “the Microsoft certification program contributed greatly to my success as well as my work with the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS).” Ibaraki continued “certification has been the catalyst for many advances in my career, including several Excellence in Teaching Awards and selection as a top writer in science and technology."
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