CompTIA Project+ Certification Improves Communication

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CompTIA Project+ Certification Improves Communication

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Looking for a way to improve communication on your project teams? CompTIA thinks it has found a benefit for project managers which can help improve your team communication and subsequently, your project performance - the Project+ certification.
A recent survey by CompTIA shows a marked improvement in communication on teams with project managers who have achieved a Project+ certification. The Project+ certification is an entry level Project Manager certification, much like the A+ certification is for the computer technician field. The Project+ certification is one which many project managers achieve on their way to a PMP certification.
The CompTIA survey measured perceived improvements by individuals achieving the Project+ certification. 76% of those surveyed reported that since being certified, communication among their team members has seen an improvement. Project Managers also report that reporting has become more specific and they are able to better communicate with vendor project managers.
"Project management skills are rapidly becoming a necessity for the type of business consulting Ricoh provides for our customers," said Teresa Hiatt, director of solutions and professional services education at Ricoh University. "In addition, we have a strong continuous process improvement culture where project management skills help to drive our business excellence programs. Ricoh University supports CompTIA Project + certification as both a way to gain the needed skills and show evidence of the skills mastered."
Those achieving a Project+ certification has also seen their responsibilities increase. 92% of the survey respondents reported working on one or more projects since becoming CompTIA certified; over 79% of them report being responsible for multiple projects concurrently. 33% of the respondents received a promotion or salary increase since becoming certified.
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