How to Enable TV on PSP

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How to Enable TV on PSP

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Watch your favorite shows on your PSP anywhere there’s a wireless hotspot with the LocationFree TV product.
You Will Need
Firmware update 2.8 or higher
Internet access
LocationFree Player
Step 1: Upgrade your PSP
Make sure your PSP firmwire is 2.8 or higher. You can upgrade via a USB connection to your internet-connected computer or through Wi-Fi. The PSP should update automatically.
To check your current software, go to System Settings, then System Information on your PSP.

Step 2: Connect to base station
Connect your LocationFree TV base to the internet via USB cord or wireless internet. The base station also comes with cables to connect that allow a DVD player to be connected to the device.
Step 3: Hook up the PSP
Plug into the LocationFree TV on your PSP. If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, search for the LocationFree TV base under the PSP’s wireless menu options.
Step 4: Configure the channels and remote
Configure the TV channels, along with audio and video settings. Decide which tuner you want to use, such as a cable box or the DVR, and then choose your channels.
Step 5: Watch your programs
Turn on the base station and ensure the wireless connection. Now turn on your PSP and enjoy watching your favorite shows!
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