Connect Two Monitors To One Computer

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Connect Two Monitors To One Computer

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Much like two heads, two monitors are better than one. Expand your workspace with a minimum of fuss.
You Will Need
Computer with an open port
Second monitor
VGA or DVI cord
AGP or PCI video card (optional)
DVI-to-VGA adapter (optional)
Step 1: Find an open port
Look at the back of your computer and locate an available VGA or DVI port. The VGA or DVI cord from the second monitor will fit the port.
Purchase and install an AGP or PCI video card if your computer does not have an available port.
Step 2: Attach second monitor
Plug in the second monitor and turn it on. Connect the best monitor to the DVI port to optimize your hardware. Restart your computer.
If neither monitor comes with a DVI port, use a DVI-to-VGA adapter to connect the monitor.
Step 3: Setup on Windows
Set up the second monitor on a PC by right-clicking the Desktop and then clicking Properties. On the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab.
Step 4: Activate Dualview
Click the Display drop-down list, and select External Monitor. Check the box Extend my Windows Desktop onto this Monitor, and then click Identify.
Step 5: Arrange
Match the physical arrangement of the monitors by dragging the monitor icons. Then click OK.
Step 6: Use System Preferences
Arrange the displays on a Mac by clicking System Preferences, and then selecting the Displays pane. Click Arrangement and drag the icons to match the arrangement of your monitors.
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