Install Sound Driver Hardware

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Install Sound Driver Hardware

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Most hardware comes with drivers, usually on an installation CD. The drivers tell the computer exactly how to function with the device. However, without the installed hardware, the drivers do nothing but take up space on the hard drive. If you already have sound drivers installed on the computer for a sound card, you need to install the sound card into the computer system.

Step 1
Power down the computer, disconnect all cabling and remove the Phillips screws from around the back side of the computer. Slide open the the case to expose the inside of the computer.
Step 2
Locate the motherboard, the large computer board in the middle of the system. On the back of the motherboard are horizontal strips. These are PCI expansion card slots and are used to install new hardware on the computer. Several of the card slots will already be in use.
Step 3
Insert the sound card into one of the available PCI card slots. Find the small lever next to each side of the slot. Push the lever up to lock the PCI card into place.
Step 4
Close the computer case, insert and rescrew the Phillips screws. Plug the cables back into the computer.
Step 5
Power on the computer. With the sound hardware and drivers already installed, the computer will detect the hardware and can begin sending and receiving audio signals.
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