LOGO Design tips

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LOGO Design tips

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when designing logos it should be understood that ideas that are conceived should be given a sketch form one need not try for perfection just present the ideas on paper as it, perfection is nice but it could block the ideas.
When designing, ask yourself, "Is this balanced? Do I need this? Is this necessary? It's all about balance. If your visual talent, meaning; your eyes disagree, for even an instance, scratch the idea. A logo must make sense immediately.

Designing a logo is both an art and a science. However, in order to be a good designer you must master, certain elements, described further below. Unfortunately, nowadays anyone can whip up Photoshop, type some text, add an effect or two and claim to have designed a logo. It's deeper than that. Many skills need to be mastered first, before even attempting. The master rule here is, don't use Photoshop. Notice the name? "Photo" that means this program is for "Photo." Instead, we prefer Illustrator, or any vector based program.
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